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Our Customers/ Brand Details  

We have a wide range of customers who trust and love the durability, style, design and quality of our shoes. Our customers include European, Russian, Australian and USA customers.

Our European Customers


Our European customers include:

  • Effegi Style SPA

  • ISA- Treasko

  • Eram

  • Tiesse

  • Chicco

  • Kaufhof

  • MGB Metro Buying Group

  • Karstadt Quelle


  • Orion SPA

  • Emmemoda SRL

  • Calz, Patrizia SRL

  • Fenili Calzature SRL

  • Bata


Our Russian Customers


These include the following:

  • S-Tep

  • Ralf Ringer

  • Thomaz Munz

Our Australian Customers

We are very pleased to introduce to you our Australian Customers and these are as follows:

  • David Jones

  • Country Road

  • Aquila

  • Julius Marlow

  • Portland

  • Colorado


Our USA Customer

Meet our respected USA Customer and here it is:

  • Pilgrim Shoes

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or send us an enquiry & we will get in touch with you.

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