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Why Partner with Hanna scm to Manufacture Shoes in India?

There are many good reasons why you should choose Hanna scm to be your leather and shoe sourcing partner, these take account of the following:

Cost Reduction

As your leather and shoe sourcing company, we will provide you with many options to lessen your expenses. Negotiating better pricing terms on components and materials, analyzing production materials to minimize duty costs as well as off-site freight consolidation are only a couple of ways we can enhance your bottom line.

Time Saving

Using Hanna scm as your inclusive-sourcing company to handle things like the design, assure quality, negotiate contracts, complete shipping papers, oversee manufacturing as well as secure invoice payments, you are freed to concentrate on the more vital parts of your business.


Quality Assurance

Let’s face the truth; having your items made overseas could be a genuine issue, particularly where making sure quality is concerned. Hanna scm employs a team of expert inspectors who will assess the production as well as shipping of the items to assure they meet customers’ quality standards. This gives you the advantage of competitive costs without sacrificing the quality.


Our responsibility is to ensure your brand while giving you outsourced solutions to the complexities of overseas production. The key components of this mission are discretionary and we work harder to make sure that to our consumer, it will be the product, the logo, the tags as well as the packaging done to the standard of our clients.


Our team has years of experience in shoe or footwear business. Hanna scm has been facilitating global business for its clients for many years now. So, if you trust us, you have years of experience working for you.


Our clients all over the world range from start-ups to big corporations. Our leather and shoe sourcing services could take you from idea to the design, production, packaging, quality control as well as shipping of the products and duty and fright projections, contract negotiation, cost reduction analysis, documentation and many more. No matter what your wants, we can give a plan to aid your footwear business save money and time.



One of the biggest challenges of doing business all over the world is keeping your line of communication. Language barriers and time differences make it harder to get the details you need fast. With our main offices in India providing you forefront and cutting edge service, HannaSCM ensures you are never out of reach of your business.

What We Do


Hanna scm is a bridge between global markets and high quality products from India.

We can assist you in the following services.

• Detailed Evaluation of Requirements

• Quality Assurance and Logistics

• Product Sampling and Approvals

• Careful Selection of Materials

In the viable age of today, each shoe business requires a cutting edge over other companies. We at Hanna scm related to his sentiment and provide your business that Innovation and Cutting Edge and assist you to keep ahead through giving the best and highest standards of sourcing service. Hanna scm has earned their reputation in the business as an outcome of our years of experience, professionalism as well as integrity.

We are dedicated to getting the best and highest standards of service as well as meeting the requirements of global companies through on-time delivery, high quality products as well as competitive pricing. We have a well experienced Shoe Designer who handles Sampling Department to develop samples based on the customer requirement and will monitor till it gets approval from our customer against production orders. We have experienced 30 dedicated staffs in charge for Production monitor & control. We have well qualified Leather Technician control quality from Tanneries.

Our total promise towards customer fulfilment drives us to obtain superiority in the quality of our service

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