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Benefits of Manufacturing Shoes in India

A huge number of western shoe brands and companies outsource the manufacturing process to countries, such as India. This is so because India offers manufacturing, assembling, and production at a very competitive cost. As the entire process is cheaper in India as compared to most other countries, companies are obliged to outsource the production of their products to Indian companies.

  • Manufacturing, quality maintenance, machinery, and material are available in India at a much lower price

  • Companies can save energy/strength needed for manufacturing and direct it towards advertisement and designing

  • The overall production costs and delivery costs in India are quite low

  • Easy and cheap to export the product directly to other international markets

The outsourcing agreement takes a contractual shape. Both the companies present their consent upon the agreed terms of business. Once the contract is signed the manufacturing initiates. After the completion of assignments, the samples are analysed and sent in for approval of payments. The contract can either be specific to a single consignment or it may be an on-going one. The laws of both the countries are of great essence in this regard. Thus, trade and contract acts are carefully studied and met with to assure safeguard of the interests of both parties without any loss.

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